CCCPS Price List
Process Service: $75.00*
Multiple Services Same Location/Time: $25.00 (each additional service)
Common Services: $50.00
(CT Corp, National Registered Agents, Secretary of State, City of Chicago, etc.)
Non-Service: $50.00 (Minimum 5-attempts)*
Home Inspection/Occupancy Verification: $65.00 (w/2 Photographs)
Court Filing: $25.00 (+ plus any incurred court costs)
Out-of-State/Area Service: $25.00 (+ local charges)
Hourly Rate for Surveillance for Service: $50.00 per hour
Clerical Rate: $30.00 per hour
Skip Trace/Locate: $90.00 (Locate)
  $25.00 (Non-Locate)
Search/Review Court Records: $50.00 per hour
Copies: $0.09 per page (10 to 100 copies)
  $0.07 per page (101 to ~ copies)
Surveillance Investigation Rate: $75.00 per hour
Investigation Hourly Rate: $65.00 per hour
Illinois Criminal Conviction Check: $26.00 (3-5 Days)
Official Reports/Postage/Records: Billed at Cost
Witness Fee: $20 per day/$0.20 per mile Roundtrip
*= Should regular gasoline exceed $3.00 per gallon price would increase $5.00 (Based on report from Chicago Gas Prices)